USMC League Hampstead Detachment 1321

USMC League Hampstead Detachment 1321, SEMPER FI

June 12th 2012

Phoebe Saavedra sworn in as new Associate member


Meeting February 14th 2012

Valentines day was a very special day for USMC League 1321 ,

February 9th 2012 was  the third anniversary of our league.

Instead of a regular meeting we celebrated with lots of good food and great fellowship.

Joe Atkins has stepped down from commandant, and was given recognition for a job well done. 


League cake below  








New Officers Being Sworn In --2011

Elmer, Joe, Bob , Doug and Alice


Elmer, Joe, Bob, Roger, and Doug


Caleb Mobley

Caleb Mobley, topsail jrotc, receiving letter od appreciation from Department, for their support during our March Pig Picking.

Certificate presented By Joe Atkins--Commandant 



Steve Rice -Member of League

Steve Rice giving the Detachment a overview of his recent return from deployment in Afganistan.