USMC League Hampstead Detachment 1321

USMC League Hampstead Detachment 1321, SEMPER FI

USMC League 1321 By Laws


JANUARY 16, 2016



      SECTION 1.  The detachment shall be named: Hampstead Detachment 1321 of the Marine Corps League.

      SECTION 2.   The detachment is incorporated within the state of North Carolina as an IRS 501 (c) 4 not for profit corporation.

      SECTION 3.   The mission of the detachment is to join members together in comrade and fellowship for the purposes of preserving the traditions, and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps.



      SECTION 1.  Regular membership shall be offered to all Marines, regular or reserve, who have served or are serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps.  Regular membership shall also be offered to all Navy Corpsmen who have trained and served with Marine FMF units.  For details, see the National Bylaws, article 6,  Section 600 (a).

     SECTION 2.  Associate membership may be offered to individuals not qualified for regular membership in the United States Marine Corps League but who espouse the principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League.  Associate members are not authorized to hold any of the elective offices, nor are authorized to vote in the election of officers. However, they may hold any appointed office and they are authorized to vote on other matters of internal affairs of the detachment.

      SECTION 3.  For other memberships: Member at Large, Life Member, Dual Membership, Honorary Membership and Corporate Membership, see Article (6), National Bylaws.

      SECTION 4.  All Marines and Navy Corpsmen seeking Regular Membership in the Detachment shall provide a copy of their DD 214 to the Junior Vice Commandant for verification of eligibility.  Upon of verification the DD214 will be returned to the applicant. Personnel currently on active duty may show a current valid service ID card to prove eligibility.



      SECTION 1.  The officers to be elected by the Detachment shall be the Commandant, Senior Vice Commandant, Junior Vice Commandant and Judge Advocate.  Only regular members may hold elective office and may vote in these elections. Elections will be held annually in March or April and officer installation will be no later than the last day of the month following the election. The elected officers plus the immediate Past Commandant shall also be its Board of Trustees to be chaired by the Detachment Commandant.

      SECTION 2.  The Detachment Commandant shall appoint the following officers: Adjutant, Paymaster, Sergeant at Arms, Chaplain, Webmaster, Service Officer and such other Officers as he/she deems necessary to carry out detachment programs.  Appointed  officers will be installed simultaneously with elected officers.

      SECTION 3.  In the event of a vacancy in one of the elective offices by death, transfer, resignation, disciplinary actions or failure to attend two unexcused consecutive meetings of the Detachment, the Commandant is authorized to appoint a successor to serve until the next regular election of officers is held.  The appointment will stand only upon approval of the Detachment at the next scheduled meeting.

      SECTION 4.  The duties of all Detachment officers, elected and appointed, shall be as described in National and Department Bylaws and procedures for each title modified as necessary to accommodate the Detachment level.



      SECTION 1.  The Commandant shall have the power to appoint standing committees for the purpose of conducting the business of the Detachment.  At a minimum, the following standing committees will be appointed and maintained: (1) Nominating, (2) Budget, (3) Fundraising, (4) Scholarship, (5) Social and (6) Audit.  Also, the Commandant shall have the power to appoint special ad hoc committees to assist in programs undertaken.

      SECTION 2.  The Commandant shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of all committees so appointed.



      SECTION 1.  The Paymaster is responsible and accountable for all financial transactions for the operation of the Detachment.  Funds collected in the performance of his/her duties will be deposited in a timely manner in the financial institution designated by the Detachment.  All disbursements will be countersigned by the Commandant or the officer designated to sign in his/her absence.  Appropriate accounting records will be maintained with all disbursements supported by appropriate documentation.

      SECTION 2.  Disbursements of Detachment funds are authorized under the following circumstances:

           a.  Any disbursement authorized by the adopted annual budget.

           b.  Any disbursement directed by a majority of the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.

           c.  Payment of National and Department dues to include life members.

           d.  Procurement of supplies, postal expenses including post box rent and copy service necessary for Detachment operations.

           e.  In case of deceased members, floral arrangement or a donation to a designated charitable organization not to exceed seventy five ($75.00) dollars.

           f.  When special circumstances require the disbursement of funds between meetings, the Paymaster must obtain approval of the Commandant.  The disbursement and circumstances will be an agenda item for discussion at the next regularly scheduled membership meeting.

      SECTION 3.  Paymaster shall establish and maintain a separate, dedicated sub account for the Detachment Scholarship Fund.  Deposits into and withdrawal from shall be as provided for in the annual budget.  Paymaster may establish other dedicated sub accounts for specific projects as directed by the Commandant.

      SECTION 4.  The Commandant or his/her representative is authorized reimbursement for hotel expenses for the following when satisfactory proof of expenses is presented to the Paymaster for reimbursement.  Payment will not exceed the amount shown below:

           1.  Department of NC State Convention ($150.00)

           2.  Department of NC quarterly meetings ($150.00)

           3.  National Convention ($150.00)

The Commandant or his/her designated representative shall be reimbursed at the rate of $.57.5c per mile for travel necessary for his/her attendance at the proceeding functions as described above not to exceed $150.00.

      SECTION 5.  An audit of Detachment funds will be conducted annually in the month prior to installation of new officers.  An audit of the Detachment may be conducted at any time when so directed by the Commandant or when the membership believes that an audit would be in the best interests of the Detachment.  An audit committee will be appointed by the Commandant from the membership at large but exclusive of the Detachment elected officers.

      SECTION 6.  The Detachment shall set the cost of its annual dues at a regular meeting prior to the beginning of a fiscal year.  If no increase is voted upon, it will remain the same as the previous year.  Dues will be paid to the Paymaster.  For accounting purposes only, the fiscal year of the Detachment shall begin on the first day of July each year.



      SECTION 1.  Detachment meetings will normally be held on the second Tuesday of each month at a place designated by the Commandant.  Special staff meetings may be called at the discretion of the Commandant, but matters affecting the Detachment must be reported to the membership at the next regularly held meeting.

      SECTION 2.  The National Bylaws of the Marine Corps League, the Department of North Carolina (NC) Bylaws, the Detachment Bylaws and the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the procedures of the Detachment’s business meetings.

      SECTION 3.  A minimum of two elected officers and ten additional regular members in good standing who were notified of a meeting and who are present at such meeting shall constitute a quorum.  All business conducted thereat shall be considered legal and binding.  The majority vote in the Detachment meeting will carry any measure or decide any issue.  No member of the Detachment shall vote by proxy.



      SECTION 1.  These Bylaws or any provision therein may be revised, repealed or amended by a majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Detachment provided a six day advance notice of the proposed revision, repeal or amendment is given and provided the proposed revision, repeal or amendment is not in violation of National or Department Bylaws and provided the revision, repeal or amendment is approved by the NC Department Judge Advocate. 

      SECTION 2.  Updated and correct copies/links of National Bylaws, Department Bylaws and Detachment Bylaws shall be posted on the Detachment’s Official Website:




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